30ml Foundation Bottle Polygon Shape

Item No: F152
Capacity: 30ml
30ml frosty glass round bottle with gold pump
Made of high quality glass and aluminum pump clear cap,good package for foundation, emulsion, essence, cosmetic, lotion, essential oils, body/eye cream, and so on.
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Product Details

new design of 30ml foundation bottle polygon shape with pump

1. Product Introduction 

-Adhere to the use of glass raw materials and eliminate the use of recycled glass for production.

-Glass is an unlimited and innovative material that has plenty of applications.

- Suitable for filling with serums, creams, lotions, skin care items, moisturizers and other skin care cosmetics.

-High transparency, beautiful and delicate, suitable for various occasions. 

-The glass bottle body is corrosion-resistant, stable and does not affect the liquid, good texture, not easy to break, good sealing performance, anti-pollution, anti-ultraviolet rays.

-Full-enclosed leak-proof cover protects the pressing head and prevents unintentional pressure leakage, allowing you to carry it easily.

2. Product Specification

Model No.F152
MaterialGlass Bottle+ Plastic Pump+Plastic Cap
ColorClear Bottle+Silver Pump+Clear Cap

3. Product Details

4. Company Show

Penghuang Packaging

5. More Designs

30ml frosty glass bottle with pump (2).jpg

F003 30ML


F056 40ML


F140 30ML

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