Oil Dropper Bottle

Cream Container Cosmetic Packaging Luxury White Opal Glass Lotion Dropper Bottle Capacity: 5ml-100ml Accessories : Aluminum Dropper, Aluminum Cap, Plastic Cap, Plastic dropper,Pump, Spray. opal bottle one of our factory best hot selling bottles. Long term...

Product Details

Glass bottle promotion

Oil Dropper Bottle

1. Product Introduction

- OPal bottle is composed of glass + accessories PP, with a variety of accessories.

For example, Aluminum Dropper, Aluminum Cap, Plastic Cap, Plastic Dropper, Pump, Spray.

Oil Essential Bottle: The raw material of glass is white, which is favored by customers. Of course, if other colors, such as purple or red, can also be spray-painted

Printing and custom designs are accepted, depending on customer requirements

We strictly control the safety and quality of our products. Our products have been tested by SGS, the world's leading inspection, certification, testing and certification company, and obtained the PRODUCT safety certificate of THE US FDA Food Grade Packaging Materials Standard

White essential oil Bottle, pure white color, classic design

It is also the most popular style at present

With glue head dropper, print customized logo

Let the product have different aesthetic feeling

2.Product Description

ItemOil Dropper Bottle
Glass+dropper cap
Volume5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 100ml
ColorDepends on the customer

3.Production Details

oil dropper bottle (4).jpg

glass bottle 

oil dropper bottle (1).jpg

gold dropper 

oil dropper bottle (2).jpg

white bottle 

4.Product Qualification


Bottle production

The production of glass bottles is arranged according to the weight of the bottles

Different shapes of bottles can be produced simultaneously

It depends on the weight of the bottle being the same

5. Recommendations

Except the white color, there are more colors for choice as follows:

amber essential oil bottle.jpg

amber essential oil bottle

clear essential oil bottle.jpg

clear essential oil bottle

blue essential oil bottle.jpg

blue essential oil bottle

green essential oil bottle.jpg

green essential oil bottle

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