Cosmetic Glass bottle Packaging Industry: innovating and developing Market

- Nov 27, 2018-

With the rapid development of cosmetic industry today, it will bring prosperity and development of "bottle" manufacturing industry, which has predicted the development of glass packaging industry from abroad. From the view of foreign glass manufacturers, cruel competition has long been around us, will affect the domestic cosmetic glass packaging industry. For domestic glass packaging manufacturers, should build a strong line of defense earlier, strengthen product innovation, hold on to their own piece of cake.

The past and present of the Glass Packaging Industry

The glass packaging industry has been growing at a difficult pace in recent years, and has struggled with environmental stress since the start of the year. In recent years, the glass-packaging industry has grown slowly for no reason. In the case of cosmetic packaging, competition from other materials and sluggish global economic growth are now showing signs of improvement. On the plus side, the rapid growth of premium skin care products and the high demand for glass products have benefited. In addition, glass manufacturers should seek development opportunities in emerging markets and constantly update their products to meet customer requirements.

In fact, while rising raw materials and high environmental pressures have led to much higher production costs, glass manufacturers are still optimistic about the future of the glass packaging industry and do not feel less confident. On the contrary, most people think that these competitive packaging materials in attracting customers and brands, crystal position, can not be compared with glass products. And on the domestic side, instead, the glass factory is equivalent to a consolidation, for the unqualified and some small glass factories were renovated and shut down. This is a good thing for large glass factories. "it may vary from country to country, but France is the leading cosmetics country," said BuShed Lingenberg, director of marketing and outreach at Gerresheimer Group. Is not very willing to accept plastic products. " However, chemical materials in the professional and cosmetics market is not without a foothold. In the United States, it also produces the same proportion as glass and feels like glass, some of which are already in the perfume market.

Glass Packaging Industry opens up New Market

The new market can make the glass packaging industry better development, develop new products to meet new customer needs. Here, for example, is an international development company that has established a number of companies in Europe and the Americas, which account for a large share of the global market. Two years ago, however, the company also encountered considerable difficulties, leading the leadership to shut down a batch of glass furnaces. Simply put, both suppliers and producers are looking for new customers when they open up new markets, so glass makers are no exception. Many people still believe that glass manufacturers have an advantage in glass products in the West. But they insist that the quality of glass sold in China is inferior to that in Europe. However, this advantage cannot be maintained forever, so Western glass makers are now analysing the competitive pressures that will be faced in the Chinese market. Asia is an untapped market for Gerresheimer, but German companies will never shift their attention away from Asia. "Today, if you want to succeed, you have to take a truly global path," Lin-genberg insists.

For glass manufacturers, innovation stimulates demand

In the glass packaging industry, innovation is the key to new business. For most of the companies that have been successful recently, they have benefited from a constant concentration of resources on product development and development. For example, to produce perfume bottles with glass stoppers, the company improved production machinery and reduced production costs. Influenced by a family called the < Rosier > Times, Alelas. The company used the new technology to design a flower-like perfume bottle. In this way, Albert predicts that as customers learn about the new technology, they will like the perfume bottles. As the concept of technological innovation is deeply rooted in people's heart, innovation, as a factor to promote the development of the market, is also promising for the whole glass packaging industry.