Glass screen printing process

- Nov 08, 2018-

In addition to common use of quartz glass, tempered glass, there are optical glass, color change glass, laminated glass and other types. Because of the variety of glass, it is more important to choose the right type. In order to find the right glass products, we need to know a variety of glass, glass screen printing process and common types of glass.

Glass screen printing process according to screen printing principle, printing ink to the glass surface, and then using ink curing measures, printed patterns firmly durable. The technological process is as follows: drying and drying, drying and drying plate glass cutting and grinding edge, cleaning, drying, printing, sintering, printing, drying, drying and printing

  1. The glass for printing can be cut according to the requirements of the user, it can be regular shape or irregular shape, then grinding, washing, drying and waiting for use. Special attention should be paid here to the fact that the surface of the glass must not be stained with water.

  2. Screen selection screen printing screen plate and general screen printing plate, glass screen plate using synthetic fiber wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, natural fiber screen. When printing general color, the above-mentioned screen can, generally choose cheap synthetic fiber screen; as gold and silver decoration, you can not choose stainless steel screen. The specification of wire mesh is generally 270,300 mesh.

  3.  The selection of mesh frame is normal at present. The mesh frame with little deformation is aluminum alloy mesh frame, its size should be larger than the pattern, and the specific size should be between the outer edge of the pattern and the mesh frame between the 70~100mm. In addition, the selection of mesh frame, its strength is very important, the key is horizontal stiffness is sufficient.

  4. The tension net chooses the screen and the net frame, combines the two, this is the tension net. There are a lot of methods, can use manual, mobile, pneumatic many methods, more advanced, can stretch high-quality screen version of the pneumatic tension screen machine. The requirements of tension are uniform tension, mesh lines to maintain vertical, glue to firmly, can not relax.