How the pump works

- May 22, 2020-

How the pump works、

First press: when we press the head for the first time, the head drives the secondary column together with the compression spring through the connected main column;In the process of compression spring, the outer wall of the piston is rubbed against the inner wall of the body to make the piston open the discharge hole of the auxiliary column.As the piston slides down, the air in the body is discharged through the open side - column discharge hole.

Reciprocating multiple presses: will this body the air all eduction.

Liquid absorption: press the head by hand through the main column, the secondary column and the piston to jointly compress the spring and expel the air from the body. Release the head, the spring moves back (up) due to the loss of pressure. At this time, the piston moves down through the inner wall of the friction body to close the discharge hole of the secondary column.At this time, the liquid storage chamber in the body forms a vacuum suction state, and the glass ball is sucked upward, and the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the liquid storage chamber through a straw.

Storage of liquid: press the head several times and store the liquid to the body through multiple suction until the liquid is full.