How to calculate the unit price of glass bottle mould

- Nov 12, 2018-

The price of mould is mainly determined by the following factors: 

  1. Die material: different mold material, different die service life, there will be different mold price. Yantai Dongkai Glass Mould Co., Ltd. produces glass mold materials: low alloy gray cast iron, high alloy gray cast iron, nickel base rare earth vermicular graphite cast iron, copper alloy cast iron and so on. The service life of each die varies from 500000 to 800000 times.

  2. mold size

  3.  mold shape: mold is divided into circular bottles, round bottles, opposite-sex bottles. Different shape, processing difficulty degree is different.

  4.  mold batch: 1 sample mold price under normal conditions, is twice the batch mold.