If the glass bottle is frozen in the refrigerator, will it explode? why does the beer bottle explode and hurt?

- Nov 07, 2018-

I believe you will come into contact with a variety of glass products every day, such as glasses, glass doors, glass windows and so on. Although we often come into contact with them, we do not know much about the types and properties of these glasses. But because of the lack of understanding of glass materials, often lead to a variety of problems. We will show you the circumstances under which the glass bottle will break down to help you understand further.

First, if the glass bottle is frozen in the refrigerator, it doesn't explode.

Glass bottles can be placed in refrigerators, but cannot be placed in the following cases or need to be processed before they can be placed. The glass bottle is loaded with water and is above the bottom of the bottle, so it cannot be placed in the freezer. The bottle will burst when the volume of ice expands. Overheated bottles should not be put directly into the refrigerator, should be reduced to prevent glass temperature changes too large fragmentation. The bottle is loaded with dangerous chemicals and toxic substances cannot be kept in the refrigerator

Second, why would a beer bottle explode and hurt?

Beer contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which usually escapes from the liquor more quickly when it is transported under a severe impact or when the sun's exposure temperature rises, leading to a rise in the pressure in the bottle. The bottle explodes when it exceeds the pressure the bottle can withstand or when the bottle itself is defective, but sometimes it explodes well, which is related to the bottle itself and its boundary conditions.

Now the big breweries use bottles B, the pressure resistance is guaranteed, and they all conform to the national standard. But according to the statistical law, no good brewery in the world can guarantee that every bottle of beer that comes out of the factory will not explode itself, no matter how. It can only be guaranteed below a certain probability. In addition to the manufacturers to continuously improve the bottle pressure standards, consumers themselves should pay attention to reasonable storage, not violent impact and placed in a high temperature environment, can greatly reduce the probability of self-detonation. In the event of a self-explosive injury accident, remember to keep the field physical evidence, that is, all the fragments of the bottle, so as to facilitate the accident identification, to avoid shirking the responsibility of the manufacturer.