Medicinal bottle application

- Dec 05, 2017-

Medicinal glass bottles standard application

Various types of products, different materials form a vertical and horizontal standardization system, for all types of drugs to choose a scientific, reasonable and suitable glass containers provide sufficient basis and conditions. Different dosage forms, different types and different grades of various types of pharmaceutical bottles on the selection and application should follow the following principles:

Chemical stability

Good suitable chemical stability principle

The glass containers used for holding all kinds of medicines should have good compatibility with the medicines, that is, they should not be caused by the instability of the chemical properties of the glass containers and the mutual occurrence of certain substances in the production, storage and use of the medicines Chemical reactions lead to variation or failure of the drug. For example, blood products, vaccines and other high-grade drugs must choose borosilicate glass container, all kinds of acid, alkali water injection, especially alkali water injection should also use borosilicate glass container. At present, the low-borosilicate glass ampoules used in large quantities in China are unfit for containing aqueous acupuncture preparations. Such glass materials should be gradually transitioned to 5.0 glass materials so as to be in line with international standards as soon as possible so as to ensure that the medicines contained in them are used Not flake, not muddy, not degenerate.

For general powder, oral and infusion and other drugs, the use of low-borosilicate glass or neutralized soda-lime glass or to meet its chemical stability requirements. Drugs for the degree of erosion of the glass, the liquid is generally greater than the solid, alkaline is greater than the acidity, especially the strong alkali water injection on the chemical properties of the medical glass bottles higher requirements.