Medicinal glass bottles of the standardized system

- Dec 05, 2017-

In accordance with the State Drug Administration on the development of drug packaging material standards by material, a material (variety) a standard principle, pharmaceutical glass bottles have been released and to be released a total of 43 standards. According to the standard type is divided into three categories, the first category of a total of 23 standard products, of which 18 have been released in 2004 plans to release 5; the second test standard 17, of which 10 have been released in 2004 plans to release 7 The third category of basic standards a total of three, of which 1 has been released in 2004 to be released 2. The first category of 23 product standards, divided by product type is divided into eight, including "molded injection bottle" 3 "controlled injection bottle" 3 "glass infusion bottle" 3 "molded medicine bottle" 3 " Bottle "3," controlled oral liquid bottle "3," safety bottle "2" glass medical tube "3 (Note: This product is processing all kinds of control bottles, ampoules of semi-finished products).