Melon glass bottle

- Dec 05, 2017-

Tang handle melon-shaped glass bottle

The beginning of the Han Dynasty glass containers, such as the city of Hebei Liu Sheng tomb will be unearthed more than 19 cm in diameter glass dish and 13.5 cm long, 10.6 cm wide glass ear cup. In the Han Dynasty, when the traffic between China and the West was developed, extraterrestrial glass would be introduced to China. Three eastern and western tombs in Qijiang County, Jiangsu Province, had unearthed three pieces of white and white glass fragments. After restoration, they were flat-bottomed pots with ribbed ornaments. , Type of device and the method of breaking the tire, are typical of Roman glass, which is the introduction of Western glass in kind evidence in China. Another Guangzhou Nanyue King Tombs also unearthed blue flat glass license plate, for other places in China have not seen.

During the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, western glassware was imported into China in a large amount, and the technology of blown glass was also introduced into it. As the composition and technology have played a revolutionary change, this time larger glass containers, wall thinner, and transparent and smooth. Anhui Bo County Cao Cao's clan tomb also had unearthed glass convex lens; Beitou County, Hebei Beitu Futataji unearthed glass bottles; Xiangshan, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, Shandong Jin Tomb also unearthed a lot of grinding glass. The most exciting is the glassware unearthed in the Sui, Lijing, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, for a total of 8 pieces, including a flat bottle, a round bottle, a box, an egg-shaped device, a tube shape and a cup, all of which are intact.

During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the shape of glass objects increased. In addition to ornaments such as pipes and beads, they also found biographies and swords, swords, swords, etc .; and glass seals were unearthed in Sichuan and Hunan. Glass at this time more pure texture, color

White, light green, milk yellow and blue, etc .; some glass beads also be colored into a dragonfly eye-like, such as Hubei Suixian County cemetery unearthed 73 seventy dragonfly eye glass beads, about one centimeter in diameter, at The blue glass sphere has white and brown glass patterns. The academic field once analyzed the composition of the middle and late glass beads and glass walls in the Warring States Period and found that most of these glass bodies are made of lead oxide and barium oxide and are different from the ancient glass compositions of Europe, West Asia and North Africa. Therefore, scholars believe that they may be Made in China.