Pharmaceutical glass bottles-Ampoules

- May 20, 2020-


1. What is "Ampoules"?

An ampoule, a sealed high-quality thin glass vial, is often used to store injectable drugs, vaccines, and serum. The most common is medical, and the medicines for drip are generally ampoules.

2. What are the specifications of ampoules?

Ampoule specifications are 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 7ml, 10ml, 20ml, 25ml. Ampoules are small glass containers used to hold liquid medicine. The capacity is generally 1 ~ 25ml. Commonly used for injection liquids, but also for packaging of oral liquids.

3. How many types of ampoules? What's the difference?

Ampoules with curved neck and ampoules with straight neck. The curved neck ampoule has a break point, which means that if you find the break point, you can break it directly with your hand. Straight-necked ampoules have no easy breaks, which means that if you want to open a straight-necked ampule, you must use a command or a grinding wheel. However, clinically, straight-necked ampoules have been basically eliminated.

4. Quality requirements of ampoule

A. Ampoule glass should be colorless and transparent

B. Small expansion coefficient, good heat resistance

C. Must have sufficient physical strength to withstand the higher pressure difference generated during autoclaving

D. High chemical stability, does not change the PH value of the solution

E. Low melting point, easy to seal

F. No bubbles, pits and sand