Screen printing and hot stamping

- May 23, 2020-

Screen printing and hot stamping

Screen printing is based on the original manuscript, select the plate-making method and printing process and determine the printing materials to be used.

Because screen printing is very widely used, so the corresponding process types are also many, which one to choose, is a very important work.

There are also a variety of materials used in each process, and the choice of which material to use depends on the nature of the pattern, the number of copies, and the use of the product.

For example, take the screen as an example, now more use of nylon, polyester, stainless steel, etc., its process performance is different.

Such as nylon wire mesh has the ideal flexibility and recovery, as well as the concave and convex surface can be printed.

In the requirements of high precision printing, the use of stainless steel screen.

In addition, according to the different patterns, also can take the oblique method tension net, so that the net longitude and latitude direction and the direction of the scraper to maintain a certain Angle, also can make the net tension in the allowable range, relax.

Hot stamping silver pressed is one of the traditional means of binding beautification, often used in many paper packaging, and screen printing hot stamping silver pressed is a new type of technology, the principle of which is to join in this paste special chemicals, flower who brings out the special beautiful gold and silver, and lasting color samples, do not fade, can be printed on many kinds of fabric, the cost is lower than than the traditional process, is a kind of ideal printing decoration process.