What factors determine the amount of ink in screen printing?

- Nov 09, 2018-

1, screen: a, different mesh number of screen, the lower the number of mesh, the lower the number of ink, the higher the number of mesh, the lower the number of ink; B, the same number of different silk mesh, the thicker the silk thickness, the larger the amount of ink, otherwise, the thinner the less the ink; C, the same mesh number, the same silk thickness of the screen, inclined net under the ink, straight under the ink less; Dunder the same other conditions, the greater the tension of the screen, the lower the amount of ink will be greater.

2, ink: a, ink under the ink: ink under more ink, if the ink dry, will form a net plate dry knot phenomenon, the next ink will be reduced accordingly.

3. Film thickness of photosensitive pulp: the thicker the photosensitive pulp, the more ink. This method in the process of increasing ink thickness is very common. 

4, the process factor of printing: the speed of printing is slow, ink film is also after, if scraping quickly, the ink layer will be thin. 

, scraping knife: this is also very important. A. the more inclined the scraper is, the larger the amount of ink is, the more vertical the ink will be. B, the softer the scraper, the bigger the ink, the less ink the scraper is, the harder the blade is. C, the more round and blunt the blade is, The more ink, the sharper the less ink. 

Of course, the above factors are made under certain conditions, the specific control of ink film thickness or from a number of aspects.