What is the main reason for the increasing popularity of hand sanitizer bottles?

- Jun 14, 2020-


The small-capacity bottles used for packaging hand sanitizer are called small hand sanitizer bottles. In recent years, small bottles of hand sanitizer have become increasingly popular. This is mainly because the small bottle of hand sanitizer caters to market needs.

First, the small bottle of hand sanitizer is convenient to carry, and it will be much more convenient for traveling.

Second, the vial of hand sanitizer is suitable for young people. Many young people live alone, and the packaging time of the vial will not expire after the shelf life.

Third, the small bottle of hand sanitizer occupies less space. Now that housing prices are getting higher and higher, there are more and more small-sized houses. The advantage of natural hand sanitizer bottles not occupying space will also be more favored.

For the packaging of samll hand sanitizer bottles, we believe that it will gradually become the mainstream of the market in the future.

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