What's a jar?

- Nov 14, 2018-

A jar is a glass container used to hold solid reagents. The jar is generally used for storing reagents, internal grinding at the mouth of the bottle, and used in conjunction with the cork. There are two kinds of transparent and brown, brown bottle for holding the reagent to be stored in the dark (such as silver nitrate and most nitrates).

1. Can not be used for heating

2. When taking reagents, the cork should be placed upside down on the table. After use, the stopper will be tight and sealed if necessary. Because of the inside of the bottle, with the glass sandplug matching, and the bottle plug one-to-one correspondence, must not cover wrong. As a result, glass stopper jar can not hold strong alkaline reagent. If alkaline reagent, use rubber plug, because strong alkali hydroxide ion and silica in the glass reaction, the product of mouth and plug adhesion.

 3. When placed, the label is outward.