Why should liquid foundation use glass bottle?

- May 14, 2020-

Why should liquid foundation use glass bottle?

1, glass material has good barrier properties, and it can be very good to prevent the invasion of oxygen and other gases, at the same time, glass bottles can also prevent the volatile components of the contents of the volatile to the atmosphere, so cosmetics such as foundation liquid will be filled with glass bottles.

2, glass bottles can be used repeatedly, can reduce the cost of packaging, and recycling is also in line with the current concept of environmental protection, so the foundation liquid from these aspects should be used in glass bottles.

3, glass can be more easily to change a color and transparency, but also because it can be very good shading, so if the use of cosmetics is more sensitive to light can be very good shade, and items such as foundation, if you don't have very good adornment, how can easily attract people's attention to

4, glass safety and health, and good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion, and worthy of a body is, now the foundation of cosmetic bottle is very strong, if carelessly fall may not be broken, and use in the summer when people can discover, glass bottles of liquid foundation stays cool and refreshing tactility.

When buying cosmetics, we will find a phenomenon, that is, a lot of cosmetics are packaged with glass materials, especially cosmetics such as foundation liquid, even if it is different brand foundation liquid packaging will not use other materials to dress.

Through these I know believe that now is very clear awareness of why foundation to use glass bottles, and most of the time people choose foundation may be affected by its holding of glass bottle, so to a physical store to choose more appropriate, because so that we can more clear understanding to its foundation what look like