Asian And Brazilian Flair On Show At In-cosmetics North America

- Sep 11, 2018-

n-cosmetics North America 2018 is inviting cosmetic chemists and marketers to tap into two of the world's most exciting and innovative beauty markets, by announcing that a raft of suppliers at the forefront of personal care ingredient innovation in Asia and Brazil will be present at this year's show.

Unveiling leading developments at the region's most interactive personal care ingredients event to date, in-cosmetics North America is the only ingredients showcase to offer first-hand insight into how these two key regions will influence beauty markets in the coming years.


APAC reigns supreme

Asian beauty products have long been lauded for their efficacy and quality. More recently, South Korea has earned its place as one of the globe's most influential beauty and skincare industries. It is one of the world's top 10 biggest markets worth an estimated US$13 billion1 and it brought the world BB, CC and DD creams and cushion cosmetics, to name a few.

No wonder, then, that K-Beauty is increasingly influential with consumers keen to buy into its natural, clear plump skin aesthetic using technologically-advanced, effective products. It is also a pioneer of hybrid products that multi-task, such as daily exfoliating moisturisers, powder-to-serum, oil-to-foam and water-to-cream.

Latin moves

Meanwhile, Brazil is the fourth-largest beauty market in the world after the US, Japan and China, accounting for some 9.4% of the global industry2 with sales worth US$31bn.3 It ranks second in fragrances, sunscreen protection, men's products, depilatories, and deodorants; third in haircare, children's products; and fifth in colour cosmetics, within make-up and nailcare.4 Industry experts predict the sectors driving the most growth for the Brazilian market in the coming year will be new and improved product lines for teenagers and women between the ages of 35 and 60.

Trends on tap

Daniel Zanetti, Exhibition Director of in-cosmetics North America, stresses that understanding trends and ingredients development from these two beauty market pioneers is particularly important for North American brands looking to tap into the lucrative multicultural market.

He said: "Mintel research points out that when it comes to the latest beauty trends, America's multi-cultural women are the most enthusiastic and are particularly interested in following the K-Beauty trend, with 29% saying they have a three or more-step skincare routine. We're also seeing US brands launching K-Beauty style formats and textures, including sheet-masks and jelly cleansers. In Brazil, despite the economic slow-down, Euromonitor International predicts that the beauty and personal care market there will hit approximately US$36bn this year.

"Interpreting those trends will be key to North American brands and formulators growing sales in the coming year. in-cosmetics North America offers an exclusive opportunity to learn about and sample the next-generation K-Beauty and Brazilian ingredients without having to travel to those countries."