Body Care Sales Increase As Consumers Embrace The Global Wellness Trend

- Aug 07, 2018-

From gym boosters to formulations for a good night’s sleep, lifestyle-enhancing body care products are flying off shelves, as Kathleen Armstrong writes


ales of body care products rose globally in 2016, achieving total revenue of US$16.2bn, up 4.1% on the previous year’s results.

Leading the charge was the Middle East & Africa where body care product use went up 9% in value to reach $1.5bn. However, the biggest impact on total value was the sales spike in Asia Pacific, which rose 5% in 2016 to reach $3.1bn.

Anti-cellulite and firming body care products made up 14.6% of the total body care results, but the use of these sorts of products ranged widely between regions.

In Australasia and North America, anti-cellulite and firming products made up 5.7% and 2.2% of total sales respectively, while in Eastern Europe and Western Europe they accounted for around a quarter of sales – and it was a similar result for Asia Pacific where 23.1% of all body care sales were for anti-cellulite and firming products.