Electrified Aluminum Of The Caps

- Jul 06, 2018-

Anodized aluminum is a chemical reaction combination of some chemical elements. In essence, it is a chemical reaction made by a variety of processes, such as a coating machine. The concrete operation steps are as follows: the electroless aluminum foil is a kind of hot stamping material which is made by coating and vacuum evaporation coating and adding a layer of metal foil on the thin film substrate. The thickness of aluminum oxide is generally (12 ~ 16 ~ 18 ~ 20) um.500~1500mm wide polyester film, the domestic generally have 16um thickness of 500mm wide film, and we produce an electrochemical aluminum foil is 120m long, 640mm wide, 16um thick. The packing is 10 rolls / case. The electroless aluminum foil is coated on the film sheet with a separate layer, a chromatic layer, a vacuum aluminum coating and a rubber layer, finally, it is made by rewinding the finished product. Domestic electrochemical aluminum foil is generally 4 or 5 layers.

The first layer of aluminum oxide is the base film which is usually made of 16um thick biaxially stretched polyester film. The main function of the film is to support the continuous action of the coating attached to it and to facilitate the hot stamping process. It shows that the base film can not be deformed by rising temperature during hot stamping, and it should have high strength, tensile resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.

The second layer of anodized aluminum is usually coated with organic silicone resin. The main component of the second layer off layer in the electrochemical aluminum foil is organic silicone resin. Its main function is that after hot stamping, whether it is heated or pressurized, it will make the color material, aluminum, rubber layer, The film can be rapidly detached and transferred to the surface of the hot stamping object, indicating that there is a process in the aluminum and composition is to separate the layer, and in the layer containing a chemical (organic silicone resin). The main purpose is to help the material transfer very well, and the main function of our finished bronzing materials is to put all kinds of bronzing materials on them or to press them on them, so as to achieve the effect of printing them on them. The main component in the base film is (polyester film). It is mainly to prevent the process of hot stamping stretch and change, so that the stamping process is perfect. There is no change in temperature at all. And strong, high temperature, tensile and other properties. The separation layer should have better separation performance, otherwise, it will make the picture and text of hot stamping blurred, exposed the bottom hair, and affect the quality of hot stamping products.

the third layer of anodized aluminum is a color layer ,

The main components of the color layer include the film - forming property , the heat resistance , the appropriate synthetic resin and the dye . There are two main functions of the color layer : 1 . The color is displayed . 2 . The aluminum - plated layer on the surface of the article is protected from oxidation . The color of the anodized aluminum foil is endowed with orange , yellow , gray , red , green and the like . The color of the colored layer is endowed with luster and color by the aluminum plating layer . The color of the colored layer is gold after the aluminum plating layer , the gray aluminum plating is silver and the like . The requirement on the coating of the color layer is fine and no small particles , so that the uniform consistency of the coating can be destroyed by the appearance of the sand hole .

The fourth layer of aluminum oxide is the aluminized layer. The aluminum coating is a film with a chromatic layer, which is placed in a vacuum chamber in a continuous aluminum plating machine. At a certain vacuum degree, the aluminum wire is melted and evaporated into the chromatic layer of the film through resistance heating. The main function is to reflect the light, change the color of the color, and make it glossy.

The fifth layer of anodized aluminum is the adhesive layer, which is usually used as fusible thermoplastic resin (its kind and variety), which is formed on the aluminum layer by coating machine, and then dried to form the adhesive layer. The main function of the adhesive layer is to bind the hot stamping material to the hot object.

Application: general plastic bronzing paper: for the variety of plastics, can provide ironing on various materials of gold foil. Used in cosmetics packaging, PE hose, PP bottle cap, ABS bottle body, glass containers, etc.

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