Everything You Need To Know About Long Lasting Nail Polish

- Sep 04, 2018-


Most girls have the same problem with their nail polish – it lasts about 30 seconds before you get a thumb print or a chip in it! So we had a thought and came up with a few tricks to help your nail polish last just that little bit longer.

It’s all about the brand 

The brand of nail polish used definitely contributes to the staying power. No matter the type from their range, pastels, mattes, gellys or glitters, Girl Got Faith loves Barry M and they having the cutest selection of colours! It seems that particular types last longer than others. For example, gellys tend to last longer than just normal colour so take that into consideration when you’re next buying nail polish.

How many coats?

Too few coats and the colour will be faint and will chip and fade in no time. However, too many coats means your nails will take about four years to dry! So you definitely want to get it just right and as the saying goes, two are better than one. So whatever the brand, whatever the nail look, we suggest two coats for a bold but convenient colour.

Don’t forget the top coat!

How many of you end up painting your nails in a rush with no time to apply that all important top coat and then find yourself wondering puzzled when you wake up the next morning with half the colour gone? We’re all guilty of it, but our biggest tip for longer lasting nail polish is to remember that top coat. For those of you that are new to the world of multi-coloured nails, a top coat is a layer of clear nail polish painted over the top of your painted nails. (Another two is better than one situation!)

So remember this when you paint your nails next: the brand and type of polish you use will impact the lasting power, number of coats is not only important for bolder colours but also for longer lasting colours and the most important part of painting your nails is the top coat.

Happy painting!