Frosted Glass Bottle

- Jun 25, 2018-

Introduction of frosted glass bottle

Frosted glass bottle is a kind of glass glaze powder, which adheres to a certain area of glass. The glaze coating is melted on the surface of glass after baking at 580,600 ℃, and a decoration method with different color from the main body of glass is shown. Adhesive glass glaze powder, can be brush, or roll cots. Through screen printing processing, you can get the empty design of the sand surface.

The method is as following,

On the surface of glass products, screen printing a pattern formed by flux. To be printed on the pattern after air drying, and then sand processing. Then, after high temperature baking, the sand surface without pattern will melt on the glass surface, and the silkscreen pattern area can not melt on the glass surface because of the action of flux. After baking, the transparent empty pattern appears through the translucent sand surface, forming a special decorative effect. Mengsha screen printing flux, composed of iron trioxide, talcum powder, clay, etc., grinding with ball mill, fineness of 350 mesh, blending with binder before screen printing.