Glass Bottles Of The Four Major Trends

- Dec 05, 2017-

Glass bottles of the four major trends

Adopt advanced energy-saving technology

Another way to save energy, improve melting quality and prolong furnace energy-saving is to increase the amount of broken glass. The added amount of broken glass in foreign countries reaches 60% -70%. The ideal is to use 100% of the broken glass, to achieve the goal of "ecological" glass production.


Bottle light weight

In Europe, the United States and Japan and other developed countries, the lightweight bottle is the leading manufacturer of glass bottles. Germany Obedand glass bottles produced, 80% is a one-time use of lightweight bottles. Precise control of raw material composition, precision control of the whole melting process, small mouth pressure blowing technology (NNPB), hot and cold side spraying of bottle cans, on-line testing and other advanced technologies are the fundamental guarantees for the weight reduction of bottle cans.


Improve labor productivity

The key to improving the labor productivity of glass bottles is how to increase the speed of forming glass bottles. At present, the commonly adopted method in developed countries is to use multi-group and multi-drop molding machines. Large kilns matched with high-speed forming machines must have a large capacity for stable supply of high-quality glass. The temperature and viscosity of the gob should be in accordance with the requirements of the best forming conditions. To this end, the raw material composition must be very stable, refined glass bottles manufacturers in developed countries are mostly standardized raw materials provided by the specialized raw materials manufacturing enterprises. To ensure the melting quality of the furnace thermal parameters to use digital control system to achieve optimal control of the entire process.


Improve production concentration

In order to meet the severe competition caused by the challenge of other new packaging products in the glass packaging industry, a large number of glass packaging manufacturers started to merge and reorganize themselves to increase the concentration of glass containers in order to optimize the allocation of resources, increase economies of scale, reduce disorderly competition, Enhance development capability, which has become the current trend of the glass packaging industry in the world.