Glass Can Generate Electricity

- Jun 18, 2018-

Color and light transmittance can be adjusted, and the glass that can generate electricity has been created.

What else can a piece of glass do besides shielding itself from the wind and rain, through the light, or by making it into a work of art?

Solar energy has become a household name. After the severe environmental problems caused by fossil energy power generation in 1970s and 1980s, solar power generation has become popular. In the 21 ~ (th) century, photovoltaic (PV) power generation heat rose in China, and the photovoltaic panels arranged on the roofs of some areas once became "new scenery".

If photovoltaic arrays are attached to buildings in version 1.0 of photovoltaic power generation, then the glass is an upgrade. The power-generating glass is actually coated with a 4-micron thick cadmium telluride on an ultra-white, high-permeable glass. It is a kind of thin-film solar cells, photovoltaic modules appear as building materials, and become part of the building.

What wonderful changes can a film make of glass?

The film allows the sun to selectively enter, making indoor "warm summer cool." Ordinary glass "completely receives" sunlight, causing the larger the window area, the hotter the room in the summer, the more heat it loses in winter, while the color and light transmittance of the power glass can be adjusted to block infrared radiation. The effect of reducing energy consumption is obvious.

The integration of photovoltaic buildings is the future development direction. Lightweight, stylish, easy-to-integrate power glass is better suited to this trend, and it has long been noticed by the United States, Japan and some developed countries and regions in Europe. In the United States, lightweight power glass has been made into tiles for direct use in roof laying. In the future, the power glass combined with the building has a bright future.