Glass Recycling

- Jun 15, 2018-

After simple processing, the broken glass products will be provided to glass bottle manufacturers as raw materials for melting glass products.

Landfill: insoluble, not incineration

As one of the most difficult components in municipal solid waste, waste glass can neither be burned nor degraded in landfills. Some of the waste glass containing heavy metals such as zinc and copper may cause soil and groundwater pollution once discarded at will.

After the waste glass is transported to the recycling center, it has to go through several processing processes: first, the workers classify the waste glass according to its original state and color, such as high white sheet, plain white sheet, green bottle material, miscellaneous products, etc. After that, the machine is used to break and clean the classified glass. Finally, workers have to carry out a fine sorting process, metal cover, plastic cover and other impurities completely separated out. These simple processed broken glass products will eventually be supplied to glass bottle manufacturers as raw materials for fused glass products.