How To Cut A Glass Bottle

- Jun 22, 2018-

Cutting glass bottle is using the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction , and has the following modes , and can be used for reference,

First, oil cotton thread heating (materials and tools) bottles, glass knife, cotton yarn, gasoline or oil, buckets, etc. 

1.Use a glass knife to cut the glass bottle with a scratch.

2. Tie an oil-permeated yarn in a scratch slot. 

3. Ignite the yarn, and when the fire is extinguished, dip the bottle vertically into cold water. 

4. Break the bottle with your hand

Second, electric furnace wire heating (materials and tools) bottles, furnace wire, transformers, buckets.

  1. Wrap the electric wire slightly longer than the circumference of the bottle and heat it for 10 minutes at low voltage.

2. Immediately insert the bottle vertically into the cold water, also can use cold water from the upper, the bottle disconnected.

Third, wire heating method (materials and tools) bottles, thick wire number, crayons or chalk, buckets.

1.Line a circle of crayons or chalks in the cutting area.

2. Put several wires in the fire and press them on the line in turn with the red wire, so that the line is heated for about 10 minutes. 

3. Immediately place the glass bottle vertically in a cold water bucket, and the bottle is cut.

The above method should face up to the following two points: 

first, the bottle cap should not be capped when heated, to prevent the explosion caused by air expansion in the bottle, and the cap should be lightly placed on the top of the bottle when the spray water is cooled. 

Second, cut the glass bottle cut sharp, face do not cut the finger; cut with wet sandpaper polish. Make sure everyone is safe. In fact, all these ways are not recommended. There are also simple and effective methods. (materials and tools) bottles, glass knives, boiling water, cold water, fine water sandpaper. 

1.Use a glass knife to create a circle of scratches at the desired cut of the glass bottle.

2. Sprinkle the cut with boiling water and place the glass in cold water until it is cut. 

3. This alternates several times and the glass bottle disconnects along the scratch.