How To Remove Stickers From Glass Bottles

- Jun 20, 2018-

Methods are as follows:

1, use a hair dryer to the bar code blowing hot air, so after heating can easily remove the stickers. 

2, face cream. Coated on the bar code can quickly infiltrate between the object and non-viscose, and then a wipe can easily remove stains, cream can be put for a long time and very practical. Apply a little bit of it for two minutes and you can easily tear it off with your hands. 

3, you can tear off a layer of paper from the bar code, then paint it with alcohol or gasoline, and then rub your hands back and forth on the surface. Finally wipe off with cloth. 

4, nail polish and hand cream, coated on the bar code to dilute and dissolve the non-viscose. (nail polish is best used in transparent.) 

5, brush it with water with steel ball, but do not recommend use on precious metal items, otherwise it will leave scratches.