Is The Painted Glass Bottle Poisonous?

- Jul 03, 2018-

In order to ensure the quality and safety of glass bottles, the manufacturing materials are very important, especially for spraying. Some factories overfire to seek rich surface decoration without paying attention to the quality of materials used in the products, leaving a serious danger to the occupation and industry. There are many spraying materials used in alcohol bottles, which are overheated and overspent, which will seriously harm the health of human body, and will bring pollution in the second application after looking back. Therefore, when selecting the production data of glass bottles, we must select chemicals and heavy metals that are not harmful to the human body, so as to put an end to the threat of quality and safety at the root.

Glass bottle manufacturer craft is not correct also form a big reason that quality safety is not up to standard. In the glass bottle production process, there will be a number of links simple to form toxic substances into glass products. After it is used for packaging, some simple evaporated toxic substances will remain inside the glass bottle and then contaminate the product, which will cause severe safety risks when the product enters the market. According to the latest national rules, the detection of residual substances in the inner wall of the bottle by spray evaporation will be a top priority in the future.