Learn More About Essential Oil

- Jul 23, 2018-

Essential oil, is the best skin care products, with exquisite ingredients, powerful efficacy, remarkable effect, has always maintained its noble and mysterious. Essence contains trace elements, collagen, serum, its effects are anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, plaque removal and so on. Spermatine is a water-separating agent and an oil agent, which is extracted and concentrated as a high-nutrient substance.


Folding extraction method:

Plant Essential oil

essence extracted from a variety of wild or artificial plants, such as mulberry leaf essence, rose essence, calendula essence, and so on. The most popular is aloe vera, which is suitable for all kinds of skin because of its small irritation. The main effect is to moisturize, balance moisture and oil secretion, eliminate redness and swelling, reduce inflammation. Essence is based on the principle of skin development of gelatinous nutrient solution, natural plant formula, slow down the eye fine lines, slow down the speed of skin aging, so that the skin vitality and luster; The effective bioactive polypeptide sequence was extracted from natural plant (Physcomitrrella) using plant spermatine, combined with various advanced techniques such as combinatorial chemistry and optimization of active peptides. Its birth marks the transformation from traditional active substance to biological active substance.


Fruit acid essence

extracted from fruit and made of skin care substances, such as sweet apricot essence lemon essence, peach essence, apple essence. Fruit acid essence has strong pore convergence effect, can make skin tight and smooth, but allergic skin is not applicable;

Animal essence

animal essence has anti-wrinkle, anti-drying effect can not be denied, such as royal jelly essence, squalene essence, warm and thick, nutrient sufficient, suitable for dehydrated skin.

Vitamin quintessence

From vitamin E extracts, such as vitamin E essence, vitamin C essence, different vitamin essence, have different efficacy and strong pertinence. All the essence is rich in vitamin E, the most beneficial to the skin, the usual capsule mineral essence can supplement the trace elements needed for skin, suitable for heavy work and pressure. Women with too much force are used. Vitamin essence is more pertinent, but because many vitamins are water-soluble, it must be packed in closed small bottle, otherwise the biological activity of its concentrated ingredients will be discounted.


Geneosin: a novel

water-soluble polymer biological collagen, also known as human collagen-like essence, obtained by gene recombination and bioengineering techniques." Collagen essence uses the world's top nanometer collagen with hyaluronic acid, ganoderma lucidum, ginseng and other essential parts to replenish skin energy, enhance cell vitality and elasticity, increase skin tightness, expand skin tension, and reduce pores. Clear the dark metabolites of the epidermis, making every inch of skin texture full and tight, giving skin a deep lift of elasticity. The added Ganoderma lucidum extract can quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, give full play to whitening and nourishing energy, eliminate problems such as thick and dark skin, blemish, etc., meanwhile, the skin also gets a quick whitening and regenerating effect, which makes the skin more moist and smooth and fair. Skin immediate experience tight, pull, the surface of the skin will form a protective skin membrane. No pigments, no spices, soft texture, gentle and non-irritating, quick penetration of skin, replenish the energy required for skin, effectively desalinate fine lines and wrinkles, make skin rich, smooth, tight, elastic, and reappear young brilliance. Yishengmei collagen essence can resist skin aging, prevent and desalinate wrinkles, deeply nourish skin, restore skin elasticity and tension, replenish moisture, eliminate toxins and effectively remove wrinkles and pigments. Restore luster and elasticity of the skin, effectively desalinate wrinkles and spots on the face. Other essential ingredients can awaken the inner vitality of the skin, inject source energy into the cells and promote microcirculation, recreating the delicate and lubricated beauty of balance.