Let’s Talk Liquid Foundation

- Aug 23, 2018-


Let’s face it (see what I did there?). There are some of us here that are deathly afraid of foundation. Don’t be shy—I was there, too. I avoided putting on that liquid flesh on my face like a plague for three reasons. First, it made me look too white. Second, it made me feel like I was carrying the face of a theater actress about to go on stage for a play. And third, it just made me look like an oil slick by the end of the day.


But after a few years into beauty blogging and being experimental (AKA splurging on bottle after bottle of the latest foundation craze getting sucked in by “It’s as thin as air!”marketing), I am finally able to maneuver around the different types, finishes, coverages and not get lost in the bottomless liquid foundation pit. For today’s column, I’ll group these liquid foundations (my fave) by their coverage. Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll have less foundation fears!