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- May 09, 2020-

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Mother's day gift

Tomorrow is mother's day.


Mother's day is an official national holiday in the United States.

It is held on the second Sunday of may every year.

The festival for mother originated from the folk custom of ancient Greece.

The date and origin of the world's first mother's day

Mother's day originated in the United States.

On May 9, 1906, Anna jarvis of Philadelphia, USA, died of her mother.

On the anniversary of her mother's death the following year, she organized a memorial service for her mother and encouraged others to show their gratitude to their mothers in similar ways.

Since then, she canvassed and appealed to the community, calling for the establishment of mother's day.

Her appeal was warmly received.

On May 10, 1913, the U.S. senate and house of representatives passed a resolution, signed by President Wilson proclamation, decided that the second Sunday in May each year for mother's day.

From then on, mother's day came into being, which became the first mother's day in the world.

By 1948, 43 countries had established mother's day.

So, May 10, 1913 was the first mother's day in the world.

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