Liquid Foundation And BB Cream

- Jul 12, 2018-

The detailed difference between foundation and BB cream as following,


1.Both are common bottom makeup, the first step in color makeup, used to adjust the skin tone to make the overall skin look more uniform and delicate.

2 . Different effects

Foundation solution : It has a strong concealer . For fine grain and stain , the foundation liquid can be effectively covered , so that the skin is natural ; secondly , the skin can be effectively uniform , and the skin appears more natural and zero defects .

BB Cream : Both the skin care and the fine pores , fine lines , improve the complexion of the dark yellow of the skin . The makeup speed is fast and the ductility is good .

3. Texture of different foundation liquid: the texture is relatively thick, has very good moisturizing and moisturizing effect. BB Cream: dry texture, lighter. Suggested skin care when doing a good job of moisturizing, then using BB cream.

4. Suitable age different foundation liquid: suitable for all ages skin, especially over 30 years old mature age skin, because of the skin moisture loss and fine lines and so on question, needs to use the moisturizing degree high foundation liquid, can create a flawless foundation makeup. BB Cream: suitable for girls under 28 years of age, this age girls general skin problems are not too big. You just need a simple, uniform complexion to create a perfect bottom. At this time, thin BB cream is particularly suitable.

5. Makeup feel different: the foundation is a professional makeup products, the makeup will be relatively heavy, such as the need to shoot professional salon or stage makeup, then must use the foundation to achieve the desired makeup effect. BB Cream: BB Cream the effect of natural naked makeup. Suitable for daily use.

6. Color of different foundation liquid: the foundation liquid color number distinction is very careful, generally a foundation liquid will have many color number, may satisfy the different complexion crowd's need. BB Cream: the general color number selection is very good, many BB creams have only one color number, up to 3. Some skin color people can not choose the best match their skin BB cream.