Market Analysis Of Beauty And Cosmetics Packaging

- Nov 26, 2018-

In today's society where economic integration is becoming more and more obvious, globalization has become an important strategy for international competition among enterprises. Brand development, brand education, brand innovation and other issues have been paid more and more attention to by domestic enterprises. Although there is no rich brand management experience of international brands or management methods for successful brand operations, local enterprises in China are still exploring feasible ways, starting with learning advanced technology and management experience from foreign enterprises. To learn the successful publicity, marketing model of foreign enterprises, and strive to innovate to promote development. This point in the cosmetic packaging industry is no exception.

First, for many consumers, the "coat" of cosmetics packaging brands that drive the connotation of packaging competition products still has the impression of white porcelain bottles, green iron caps, antique, and affordable "Great Friendship" snowflakes in their minds. But the old brand, which was a national name in the 1980s and has hundreds of millions of customers, now has to rely on a dwindling consumer base to sustain its meagre sales. By contrast, many foreign brands are carrying new technologies and products in the country with dazzling and elegant packaging, followed by widespread packaging and publicity, "he said." -. The ultimate goal is to compete for every possible customer.

Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods, it needs quality cosmetics packaging container materials to increase its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging, and three kinds of materials, glass, plastic and metal, are the main packaging materials for cosmetics at present, and cartons are often used as outer packaging of cosmetics. "the constant development of new materials and new processing technologies and the pursuit of new shapes have always been the focus of the industry in the field of cosmetics packaging containers." An insiders explained that.