Nail Polish Picks For Spring And Summer

- Sep 07, 2018-


What are your favourite things about spring? For me, the liberty to wear fun colours and designs on my nails definitely makes the cut. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite spring and summer nail colours – the ones that I instinctively reach for when the weather gets – and stays – sunny.


According to Workplaypolish’s review, “Essie describes Go Ginza as a soft cherry blossom color. That description makes me think “pink” and this is more lavender to me. Super pale and delicate.” This colour, is muted, soft, very chic, and very feminine. As someone with a tanned complexion, I thought it would be too light to suit my hands, but wrong! It stands out on its own, and when done right, has such a beautiful, clean look to it (prepare yourself for compliments, ladies). I can’t really tell if it’s a cool or warm tone… too unique to categorize!


What a BEAUT! It has a subtle silver shimmy inside the bottle, but it’s barely visible on the nail. This photo shows 2 coats, but I usually apply three thin coats just to be safe (with a Seche Vite top coat it looks absolutely perfect). After 6+ months, it tends to get goopy (maybe because I’ve used it so many times, thus exposing it to the air), but a couple drops of a nail thinner does the trick! It really pops on medium skin tones like my own, but it’s not bright enough to make my hands look darker than their true colour. Bikini So Teeny is a MUST HAVE. The name itself is beyond adorable.


This polish has quite an opaque formula (as with many Sally Hansen polishes), so 2 coats usually works for me. It looks different under different lighting, and at one point it looked eerily similar to Tiffany Blue. I don’t have much to say for this colour – it really speaks for itself. Sally Hansen really hit the bulls-eye and created the perfect “classic” mint green in my opinion, making it a universally flattering colour.


This polish only requires two coats, and combines the best of gold, silver, and rose-gold. There are very fine copper flecks in the mix, which makes it look “grainy” up close. However, from a distance, it is extremely reflective, and very foil-like. If you’re into metallic polishes (which are quite popular in the summer), but don’t know what shade would suit you, try this flattering colour!