New Research Finds ECommerce Loses Sight Of Customer Preferences

- Dec 04, 2018-

According to payment platform 2Checkout, the business priority for 2019 is customer experience above content marketing and brand awareness


New research from payment platform 2Checkout has found that online businesses could be losing sight of their customers’ digital preferences.

In its eCommerce Trends to Consider in 2019 report, the firm found that Chatbots are not welcomed by 55% online shoppers, however, 48% of businesses plan to invest in the technology during 2019.

The study also revealed, personalised recommendations are a high priority for shoppers but only 8% of online business plans set to invest in this capability.

However, despite brands missing the mark on certain topics, the survey has found customer experience is the top priority for businesses in 2019 at 33%.

According to companies, this is more important than content marketing (26%), brand awareness (24%) and the launch of new products and services (24%).