Penghuang Is Better And Wonderful Because Of You

- Jul 25, 2019-

Penghuang is better and wonderful because of you


Guangzhou Penghuang Glass Products Co., Ltd.  Welcomed a day of outdoor team-building activity!  

We all know communication is the bridge of success.

Colleagues are usually busy at work and work hard in their respective positions

By this opportunity, everyone can temporarily put down their busy work.

Blending in the beautiful nature, and enjoy the most intimate moments of each other together.

Let us know more about ourselves.

Turn "I and you" into "we"

Struggling one step at a time toward the same goal, Mutual support is the true meaning of the team.

First moment

"Team breaking ice"

About integration...


For the first time, we are standing next to each other.

From careful attention to intimacy

from now on

Let me be by your side

Along with you...

Second moment

"Team building"

About faith...


We formed a team

Have a unique team name and Exclusive to our slogan

From this moment

Let us fight for the glory of the team!

Third moment

"150s Challenge"

About trust...


Hands clasped to each other

Coordination between body and mind

Worries about peers are possible

Will lead to failure

At the moment, I understand that mutual trust

We can succeed.


Fourth moment

"Fast 60 seconds"

About communication...


After the last round

We have built trust between us

But any invalid information is

May cause thunder

At the moment, I understand that effective communication

Can do more with less.

Fifth moment

"Pass Ball Relay"

About collaboration...


Unfamiliar cooperation from the beginning

In the end, become the golden partner of each other.

We successfully delivered a lot of supplies

Although there have been differences in the process

But I understand that collaboration and tacit understanding between us

Great progress has been made.

Sixth moment

"Beat a drum"

About the goal...


Every round drum

Personality to commonality

In order to achieve our goals, we are no longer pursuing unconventional

Instead, choose to work together for the goal of the team.

At the moment, I understand that when everyone is moving in one direction

The record will be refreshed by us once and for all.

Seventh moment


About co-creation... 


A single note cannot constitute a melody

A single drum can't be resonated

But at this moment, the song is bright.


Belong to your future movement

We are creating together!


There are countless moments that also impress me:

We breathe for the goal

We cheer for each other

We cheered for victory


All the thousands of turns

For coming to the world

Meet the person who knows you

All past

All worth cherishing

All experiences

Is a kind of understanding know

It is the most beautiful edge of life.


 Penghuang is better and wonderful because of you!