Quadpack Turns Skin Care Upside Down With New Packaging Design

- Mar 14, 2019-

The new Yonwoo Ampoule Dropper features a soft rubber teat and a PCTA dropper for its base


Quadpack has turned skin care on its head with a new packaging design.

The Yonwoo Ampoule Dropper is a 10ml container which stands upright to dispense the product, with a soft rubber teat at the top and a PCTA base.

The cap - also PCTA - fits on at the bottom to keep the dropper tip in place.

One squeeze of the teat is said to release one precise drop of the formula, according to the company.

Quadpack has recommended the packaging solution for high-tech serums and boosters, which can be added to creams, due to the product’s precision application.

The product is also said to feature an improved sealing structure complete with a suck-back function in order to prevent any bulk remaining in the pipette.

The bottle, pump body and overcap can also be decorated to a brand’s preference using a variety of techniques, from pearlisation and metallising to matt or UV coating, silk screening and hot stamping.