Safety Problems Of Light Weight Glass Bottles

- Nov 28, 2018-

What is the difference between a lightweight glass bottle and a traditional glass bottle? professionals have commented on it. First, four bottles of beverage packaging were opened in turn. After weighing, one of the brown bottles was found to weigh less than ordinary plastic bottles. After careful examination, we found that the wall of the lightweight bottle was very thin, only about 2 mm, and the brightness and transparency of the bottle were also improved. Professionals have interpreted it for us. There is an international measurement formula, that is, less than 1 degree of lightweight glass bottle is called lightweight bottle. At present, the technology of producing lightweight large bottle is mature, but there are still some technical difficulties in the production of small bottle. Even so, there are still a few domestic enterprises in the production of light bottles have made breakthrough progress. Lightweight is definitely the industry's future development trend, because the state is promoting energy conservation. There is still a certain gap between our current technology and the most advanced level in the world. Our products can only be lightweight less than 1, but many powerful manufacturers are now devoting themselves to the development of this aspect, and the future packaging will also be lightweight. Perfect angle development.