Sealing Is The Basic Requirement Of Glassware Products

- Jul 02, 2018-

The bottle of oral liquid glass has always been very popular in the medical market. There are all kinds of bottles of oral liquid on the market. It is stated that the development of the bottle of oral liquid has made great progress, and the sealing effect of the bottle of medicinal liquid must be up to standard. Otherwise, the oral liquid can reproduce harmful substances during the shelf life, lose due effect, and have harmful health.

The sealing function of medical oral liquid bottle lies in sealing gasket and sealing equipment. The machine with better gasket is not well adjusted and has no effect, and the sealing is not in place. The commonly used lid of a medicinal glass bottle is an aluminum cap, and there are now three gaskets that can be selected. Mainly silicone plug, sealing effect is very good, but the price is higher, used for higher temperature sterilization liquid packaging. The gasket must not have the variant, then will affect the sealing function.

Gaskets are generally used in food oral liquid packaging. Ding Ji gasket can withstand high temperature, if sealing equipment no problem, this gasket will not leak, Ding Ji raw material gasket is medicinal grade products, generally used in drug oral liquid packaging. The different capacity of oral liquid bottles can be customized according to the requirements of customers. 

The raw materials of oral liquid bottles can be mainly divided into neutral borosilicate glass and low borosilicon glass. This is a practical difference from the content of boron oxide in glass. The boron oxide of neutral borosilicate glass is characterized by its stable chemical function and high price in domestic market. It has been popularized and applied only in high-end products. Because of the low price of boron oxide of low borosilicate glass, this kind of product has high coverage in domestic market, the price of medicinal oral liquid bottle is the same as the quantity of quality, it has played a decisive and excellent factor, so the price is very important.