The Best Bottles For Beauty Serums

- Nov 07, 2018-


The benefits of beauty serums

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a beauty serum is ‘a substance that is designed to improve your hair or skin and make it less dry’. Or, to be more specific, beauty serums are lightweight, highly concentrated substances with active ingredients that are absorbed rapidly, penetrating deep layers of hair or skin to rejuvenate and protect it. Regardless of whether they live up to their claims, or how well they work, people use serums to make them look and feel young and beautiful.

If you already run your own business and sell cosmetics or hair care products, a serum is a great way to expand your range. You can provide your customers with an extra way of making their skin or hair more silky soft and youthful. Serums are ideal for using alongside every day moisturisers and they give that extra boost for people who need a little extra help with their dry, aging skin and hair. Once you’ve decided on the ingredients of your high quality serum, you’ll want some premium packaging to match. That’s where we come in.

The best bottles for beauty serums

Glass dropper bottles

Dropper bottles are a trusted packaging option, widely used throughout the health and beauty industries. Our dropper bottles are manufactured from quality coloured (not sprayed) glass. As well as clear and amber, they’re available in rich blue and green glass. They start at a tiny 2.5ml (ideal for samples), up to 100ml capacity. These versatile glass bottles are compatible with different closures, depending on how your product should be dispensed.

Pipette caps – for the controlled dispensing of serums, ideal for applying small amounts of product to specific problem areas (a little serum goes a long way).

Dropper caps – ideal for oil hair serums, where a few small drops can be rubbed between the fingers then applied by hand. Dropper caps are particularly useful for men’s beard oils.

Lotion pump caps – pump dispensers are ideal for cream and lotion based serums, such as anti-aging face, under-eye and nail and cuticle products.

Atomiser spray caps – finger press spray sprays that produce a fine mist application. Ideal for anti-frizz and heat protective hair serums.