The Fundation Of Roll Ball Bottle

- Jul 05, 2018-

The design of the roll ball bottle is very important. The material and size of the little bead determine the feeling. 

Ball material: the ball is made of metal because of its fast heat conduction and the effect of reducing swelling and calming the eyes. 

Ball size: ball size needs to fit the contour of eye socket, too small or too large is not suitable.

 The ball bottle is packed with a diameter of 10 mm, the size is consistent with the contour of the human eye socket. With the perfect ball bottle technology, has been ranked in the domestic many to the "micro-shock eye cream" products to take the forefront of the success of the ranks.

Massage cream is popular because massage can effectively eliminate poison, and massage can also promote the blood circulation of the face, thus further promote the absorption of skin care products, thereby improving skin problems more effectively. 

Massage skin can restore elasticity, even skin color, balance grease, so massage cream skin care has a good reason to become a magic weapon for skin care. Massage cream is a lubricant for skin massage. In addition, it can moisturize, nourish and exfoliate. Massage skin, promote skin metabolism and blood circulation, smooth skin breathing, make skin healthy and ruddy, feel very comfortable. In the face after washing, the use of ball bottles can be directly affected in the eye, easy to use; the temperature of the ball is lower than the hand, cool touch can help eliminate eye swelling, the next can massage.

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