The Importance Of Brand To Glass Bottle Enterprises

- Nov 30, 2018-

Penghuang Packaging Co., Ltd. is an old factory engaged in glass bottle production for many years. The main products produced are cosmetics glass bottles and so on. At present, the packaging market for glass bottles is already saturated, with the entry of new packaging materials. The survival of glass bottle manufacturers, has reached a difficult situation. In view of this phenomenon, the reform of enterprises is an inevitable move.

Originally we produced glass bottles to survive in quantity, to reduce the profit margin to very low, to fight a price war, now we produce glass bottles to brand development, the brand can enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, Brand is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. In the process of pursuing excellence, innovating independently and improving enterprise value, a good brand is the process of brand creation. A good brand can drive the enterprise to develop faster and better.

This reform has brought new orders to our factory. Our factory will adhere to quality and service as its survival, break the conventional production model, enhance its own brand advantages, increase the profit space of its products, and make our factory develop steadily and continuously. So that our factory in a batch of glass bottle factory home stand out.