The Types Of Essential Oil Bottles Need To Be Diversified

- Nov 29, 2018-

Essential oil bottle is the packaging of essential oil, generally plastic material, glass material, porcelain and so on, in which mainly glass material. The reason why the glass material can stand in the dominant direction is because of the particularity of the glass material, the essential oil bottle of the glass material has very good chemical stability, it will not react with the essential oil, the sealing ability will be good, and the phenomenon of leakage and volatilization will not appear. The essential oil bottle of glass material has a variety of shapes, such as round essential oil bottle, square essential oil bottle, single gourd essential oil bottle, double gourd essential oil bottle and so on. You can also cover the bottle according to the customer's requirements, printing, marking and so on to make the essential oil bottle more beautiful.

Our Penghuang has a variety of bottle types and capacity of essential oil bottles all year round, because some of the larger beauty salons and cosmetics stores can make their own essential oils, but their quantity is small, if the cost of production on the machine rises linearly, The average manufacturer will not sign such a contract. In view of this phenomenon, our company in the production of large goods, have a certain amount of goods.