What Is Screen Printing

- Jun 21, 2018-

Screen printing is to use screen as the base of plate, and through the method of photosensitive plate making, the screen printing plate with picture and text is made. 

Screen printing by five elements, screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and substrate.

 The screen printing plate can pass through the ink, and the non-graphic part can not be printed through the basic principle of ink. When printing, the ink is poured into one end of the screen printing plate, and the ink part on the screen plate is applied certain pressure with the scraper, while moving towards the other end of the screen printing plate at a uniform speed, the ink is squeezed by the scraper into the substrate from the mesh hole in the picture and text part during the process of printing.

Development direction

No doubt, if we can develop a rotary screen printing machine that uses water-based ink, if the screen printing machine is more efficient, if the parameters such as blade pressure, speed and angle can be read and programmed, Silk-screen printing will certainly be further developed if the production data can be correctly used in the whole process from pre-press preparation to printing if the heavy copy can be produced repeatedly according to the procedure. 

China's screen printing will develop in depth and breadth in the future. "Deep" is to develop to a higher level, international screen printing industry has been widely used in computer design, plate making, electronic engraving and other advanced technology, and China is still in the research and trial stage of these new technologies; Wide is the development of new screen printing products, such as outdoor large screen printing advertising. 

Therefore, packaging printing in China will have a leap in terms of equipment, technology and scale.

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