What Is The Volume For A Dropper

- Jun 27, 2018-

A drop is 0.05 ml, 20 drops of 1ml, a dropper about 1ml.

A drop tube is an instrument for drawing or adding a small amount of liquid reagents. The drop tube is made of a rubber cap and glass. It has a straight shape, a straight shape with a buffered ball and a curved ball. It should be vertically suspended at 0.5 cm above the container. The drip tube on the drop bottle needs no cleaning. Rubber pipe and glue head on the rubber head drop pipe will stick together for a long time. Loss or even become very sticky, can not be disposed of, can only be thrown away. After hardening, it can be softened in the diluted hydrochloric acid after a while.



1) the holding method is to hold the glass with the middle finger and the ring finger to keep the stability, and squeeze the glue head with the thumb and the index finger to control the inhaling or dropping quantity of the reagent. 

2) Adhesives cannot be inserted into the container, let alone in contact with the container. It should be suspended vertically at 0.5 cm above the container. 

3) can not be inverted, can not be flat on the table. Should be inserted in a clean bottle or in a test tube. 

4) wash immediately after use of water. It is forbidden to absorb another reagent without cleaning. The dropper on the bottle does not need to be cleaned. 

5) plastic cap and glass dropper should be combined tightly without leakage, if the cap is aging, it should be replaced in time. 

6) the tip of the tube allows contact with the inner wall of the tube when a poisonous or corrosive liquid is dripped into the tube. 

7) the rubber head dropper is often used in conjunction with the measuring tube. If the drip bottle is fitted with a dropper, the dropper is special for the bottle and cannot absorb any other liquid. Do not cross use, do not wash with water.