Working Principle Of Lotion Pump

- Jul 17, 2018-

Lotion pump also called hand sanitizer pressure pump. Life can be used almost everywhere, such as cosmetics, skin care products, detergents, detergents and so on.


When use it, we first pump out the air from the liquid storage chamber (that is, the plastic tube that can absorb shampoo) by pressing the pressure, and when the air is out, press the pump head again, because after we release our hands, the spring in the pump head is restored to its original state. 

Then there will be a vacuum in the liquid storage chamber, resulting in negative pressure. At this time, the pressure in the container is consistent with the atmospheric pressure. Then, the pressure in the storage chamber is small and the pressure in the vessel is high. 

At this time, because of the pressure difference, The atmosphere compresses the liquid around the mouth of the tank into the tank, which feels like a pump head sucking the liquid up.

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