Pet Bottle

STOCK 250ml pet bottle ON SALE!!! Contact me for more price information!!! The bottle is made of pet plastic material.

Product Details

250ml pet bottle ON SALE

1. Product Introduction

-This 250ml pet bottle is ON SALE, very good price could be offered.

-The plastic bottle is basically made of PET material.

-The transparent bottle allows you to easily view the products inside.

-Small cylindrical bottle body, easy to carry.

2. Product Specification

ItemPET Bottle
Model No.YHT250-2



MaterialPET Plastic Bottle
ColorTransparent Glass Bottle

SizeHeight(mm)Diameter(mm)Neck Finish(mm)Weight(g)

We are manufacturer of cosmetic&skincare packaging in China since 2005,specializing in cosmetics, daily necessities of research and development, set design, production, service, sales as one, is committed to providing customers with high-quality packaging solutions.

We have over 15years experience in the indrusty of packaing,

over 10years export experience,

we export to many countries, such as USA, UK, Poland, Italy, India, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey, Canada and more other countries.


Production strictly in accordance with QC process quality inspection.

We have a professional team in the field of product development, to provide customers with product packaging design support, custom customer exclusive packaging,

and to help customers to apply for national appearance patents.

Protect the customer's market leading position.


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