24/410 Plastic High Pressure screw pump


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24/410 Plastic High Pressure screw pump

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Press the pump in white.

28/410. For the use of disinfectants.

Mass production.

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The working principle of pump head and piston pump, the same is also using the piston movement and single-phase valve open, close the air discharge remover the pail cause the pressure inside and outside clean, so that the liquid under atmospheric pressure is rising, from a liquid tube eduction is hand washing liquid bottle has a suction liquid press type structure, it mainly include drainage tube diameter, leaf ball valve, yellow, hollow piston, piston, fluid pipe, in addition to the bucket fluid composition.

When use hand to press the fluid, in addition to the barrel of liquid inside the pressure big, yellow is compressed stem valves closed, at the same time as the piston moves down, while the fortress of the hollow column liquid hole is opened, in addition to the fluid in the hole of the liquid from the remover hole from in addition to the liquid flow in the tube tube, when the hand play yellow recovery, making the piston moving up remover inside the pressure decreases, and the hollow column plug remover hole closed, stem valve opens, under the action of atmospheric pressure, liquid from the drainage pipe, through the stem of the valve into the remover barrels.

In this way, the piston moves up and down in the drum, constantly sucking the liquid out of the bottle.

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