Clear Cylinder Bottle With Silver Pump

Skincare package 30ml glass serum bottles clear bottle
Capacity: 30ml
Item NO.:S029
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Product Details

Clear Cylinder Bottle With Silver pump

1. Product Introduction 

The serum bottle consists of a  glass bottle and silver  pump

Silver pump head, made of anodized aluminum, can also be produced in other colors, rose gold and bright gold

Cone cylindrical bottle, unique feel design

So that customers can have a better experience when using the product

Bottle body technology can be done spraying, frosting, semi-penetration, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver, etc

2.Product Description

Volume 30ml
Shape Round
ColorDepends on the customer

3.Production Detail

Round bottle 30ml glass bottle 30ml  clear bottle clear glass bottle silver pump silver dropper

4.Product Qualification

Glass jar production process

 production process

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