Serum Bottle With Gold Pump

Skincare package 60ml glass round serum bottles 2oz clear dropper bottle
Capacity: 60ml
Item NO.:S024

Product Details

 60ml luxury eye dropper bottle box cosmetic serum glass dropper bottle

1. Product Introduction 

Serum bottle is composed of clear glass + anodized pump head

The glass bottle material is strong and durable, environmental friendly, odorless and safe to use.

Unique threaded design, leakage proof, do not worry about the contents of the bottle spill.

In order to satisfy various product requirements of customers, we can provide processing plant silk screening, painting, frosting, decal, engraving, polishing, and other technology. We have advanced quality inspection system to ensure that every bottle is quality product.

2.Product Description

Glass+dropper cap
Volume 60ml
Shape Round
ColorDepends on the customer

3.Production Details

 S024 (6)S024 (5)S024 (4)S024 (3)S024 (2)S024 (1)

4.Product Qualification

Glass jar production process

 production process

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