Square Serum Bottle With Aluminum Black Sprayer Cap

Skincare package 35ml glass square serum bottles clear bottle
Capacity: 35ml
Item NO.:S027A

Product Details

Square Serum Bottle With Gold Sprayer Cap 


1. Product Introduction 

Serum bottle is composed of clear glass + aluminum sprayer cap

This serum bottle is composed of a transparent bottle, black aluminum spray and black aluminum cap.Suitable for moisturizing spray, alcohol disinfection, high-end skin care products

Sample Order: 3Days(Stock) 7-15Days(No Stock or Make Surface Treatment)

Bulk Order: 5Days(Stock) 10-20Days(Stock+Surface Treatment) 30-45days(No Stock)

2.Product Description

Glass+sprayer cap
Volume 35ml
Shape Square
ColorDepends on the customer

3.Production Details

glass bottle 1S027A (5)S027A (4)S027A (3)S027A (2)S027A (1)

4.Product Qualification

Glass jar production process

 production process

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